Hey Curt,
Sad to see you leave twitter, yet you must have your reasons!
I will bookmark this page of yours. Hope all is well.... Wiggels
Greg Shanley(non-registered)
I am lucky that I have Curt as a friendmhe's avery talented funny man,love all his pictures.
Suzy Kneeland(non-registered)
Looks great, Curt! I love your perspective, humor, heart, and view of the world you share through your photos, and videos! Some day I'm gonna give you a big hug.
My new favorite website!
Hi, Curt. I had followed you on yt for years, but life got messy. Good to find you again!
Always loved your work! Originally found you from your Griffith Park video.
Kevy Nova(non-registered)
I agree with all the other comments here. Especially Christopher Mast's.
Mariel Diaz-Carrion(non-registered)
I just want to thank you for making the "Thinking of Moving to LA?" videos. I plan on moving there with my boyfriend a year from now and I can't stop doing research, absorbing every bit of information I can so that I can somewhat prepare us for life in a big city. Your videos, advice, and friends' advice were very helpful and informative. Thank you for the dose or reality and honesty. Take care!
Jeremiah Christopher(non-registered)
Hey Curt, just dropping by to say hello. I may need to ask some advice on web sight design in the near future, yours is so nice! Congrats! :)
Christopher Mast(non-registered)
JoAnn Morris aka OhJoAnnaBanana(non-registered)
I only just found your website today and I am so glad I did. I love your photography and was especially entertained by your captions. You have a way with words that makes me smile.
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